Body Shaming- Enough Already

Welcome everyone,

Achieving a good state of health and well being can greatly be hindered by societies expectations of the female body.

Body shaming is a common issue women have to deal with on a daily basis. This assumption that there is one way all women should look and if you don’t fall within that description it seems as though the whole world needs to comment about it.

Why is society so obsessed with weight? Too skinny, Too fat, you look sick,  lay off the junk food. These remarks are all too common in our daily conversations. So why do people need to comment on our weight ? Why do they need to pin point that you’ve put on or lost weight since they last saw you? What is the benefit ? Surely there are more vital things to talk about.

Don’t get me wrong I believe in taking care of yourself and making healthy decisions. But who are you to tell me exactly what that looks like ?

This issue is a personal one and it can be something you might have experienced yourself. Ok so I’ve lost some weight since you have last seen me … So ?


I have been one of the lucky few who actually didn’t have any issues with body confidence or similar back in high school. But believe it or not the issue began after that. I just gradually lost some weight and my body looked different. In all honestly I didn’t notice too much until people around me felt the need to point it out. Don’t get me wrong there are the close people who mention it out of concern. But I got checked up and everything was fine. The doctor was surprised why I was so concerned. Then I realized I was sick of all the comments.

Stop losing weight, you look sick, why are you so thin ???

Now I know some people who might be dealing with the “overweight” comments might be thinking they wish they had this problem. But body shaming someone for being either bigger or thinner than what society expects from them is just wrong, period! But the point is whether someone thinks you’re overweight, underweight, too short or too tall flat chested, it’s really no ones  business to comment.

The little phrases like that can cause some serious long term  issues. And for a little while I made a plan to put on some weight so I would look “normal”. Whatever that means ….

Then recently I’ve realized I personally don’t mind the way I look. Dare I say it I actually like what I see in the mirror. I love me the way I am. As far as I’m concerned anyone that has any issues with my appearance can keep their comments to them self. I’ve learnt to love myself the way I am.

I don’t feel the need to change how I look. This is me. Take it or leave it. So join me in this change. The next time you feel the need to say a negative comment about someone’s appearance. Just don’t. Or better yet swap it with a compliment. Life is challenging enough without putting people down about their weight or appearance.

If you want to make a change due to a health condition or for whatever reason. Just make sure it’s what you want to do and not because someone else thinks you should.


If you’ve had a similar experience, feel free to share , you are not alone ! All women are beautiful



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