The beauty of my “home” my “happy space” is in its versatility. We gather around on a Sunday  morning for breakky with loved ones, even some evenings for a coffee. Other times I sit alone eating, working on my laptop or just thinking…..



Today I was just thinking “Alhamdulilah” (Commonly translated as “Praise be to Allah”)

Alhamdulilah for such a beautiful space

Alhamdulilah for having family close by

Alhamdulilah for having food on the table

Alhamdulilah for the cooling air on such a hot day

Alhamdulilah for those special people who always make me smile

Simply Alhamdulilah for everything I take for granted and forget to thank the Almighty for every single day.

Share your own “home” or “special place” and let me know what you are thankful for too in the comments section below.


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