Asthma Control


Asalamalaikum Readers,

Let us continue with our discussions on Asthma.

A common misconception about asthma is that is cannot be controlled or managed. This is simply not true. While it may not be the “hottest” topic in healthcare it is definitely one worth caring about!

According to Asthma Australia one person dies from asthma related symptoms each day in Australia. Yes that was each day, that means every week 7 people die due to asthma. Just let that sink in for a moment. Unfortunately this is not an exaggeration, this is the reality. The sad thing is that many of these cases could have been prevented with the proper education and preparation.

Working at a chemist, the most common response to asthma management in adults is “Ive had asthma for so many years, I know what I’m doing, these symptoms are normal”. Trust me when I say there is nothing more difficult for a health professional to hear than this response, when it is obvious the patient needs some help.

Thankfully there is a way to measure your asthma control! (YAY for health professionals). The Asthma Control Test contains 5 questions and provides you with a score to determine how well your asthma is being controlled. Trust me, if you have asthma click on the link and see how you score. A score of 19 or less simply means that there are a few improvements that can be made to improve your asthma management and reduce the onset of symptoms.

If you do happen to get a score of 19 or below then  follow the steps below:

1.Check out different parts of the Asthma Australia Website if you havn’t already done so and register for Asthma Assist to receive ongoing information and support from your local Asthma Foundation.

2. If you did register for Asthma Assist then you will be sent  an Asthma Control pack which contains an Asthma action plan. Take this sheet to your GP and go over your current asthma medication, and what you need to do when your asthma symptoms worsen, or when your symptoms become severe.


3. Make sure you stick to your asthma management plan. If you need to take medication daily, make sure you take it every single day and keep your reliever medication with you at all times. Stay on top of your medication!

4.If you ever have any asthma related questions, call the Asthma Info line on 1800 278 462. They have some lovely health professionals that are always happy to help.

5. Subscribe to my blog! Ill be posting up a few articles specifically about asthma.

I hope this information has helped motivate you to take control of your asthma Feel free to share your asthma stories below.

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Ref: Asthma Foundation NSW


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