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Asalamalaikum Everyone,

In 2011-2013 the Australian government funded the “Swap it Dont Stop it” campaign which worked to encourage people to make small changes in their daily lifestyle to see big improvements in their health. If your living in Australia you may remember the Balloon man advertisements that provided us with some “swapping” examples.

During my research about different health promotion campaigns, I realised that the concept of swapping “unhealthy” things or actions for more healthier alternatives was a great way to improve overall health by starting off with minimum effort.

You could start off by “swapping” one thing, evaluate your progress and then build up on other things. It’s your own personal program that you can complete at your own pace, as long as you stay consistent, your bound to see some results.

So based on these ideas, I’m starting my own “swapping” project to help provide different alternatives for all my readers. I will be posting up comparisons of different food products and using the nutritional content to determine a healthier alternative to that particular product.

Now onto my first “Swapper” candidate :


Processed fruit juice include most of your store bought juices and may contain a large amount of added sugars. They are also pasteurized (heated) which greatly reduces the enzymes and nutrients in the juice. This means you consume more sugar and less nutrients.


Alternatively, natural fruit juices that you can make at home will not contain any secretly added sugar sources, and will still have most of their nutrients. Using a blender such as the Nutribullet (my personal fave) means that you have total control of what you consume. Different juices may provide a range of different health benefits like cell renewal, increased energy, improved digestion and the promotion of  growth and development.


So swap your processed breakfast juice for a fresh home made juice of your own choosing, and notice the difference.

If you have any “Swapping” ideas, post them in the comments below, Id love to hear about your own examples.

Until next time, Get “Swapping” for better health.


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  1. I don’t drink processed fruit juice. I only drink filtered/purified water and what I’d like to call green juice from the nutri-bullet. Great information!

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    1. kawsar91 says:

      What an inspiration you are ! It’s amazing how great you feel when you swap certain foods or drinks. Glad you enjoyed the post 😊

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  2. HS says:

    I think this is a great initiative for promoting proper, long lasting and healthy changes in lifestyle. Too often, we perceive the term ‘healthy’ to omit foods that we enjoy in our everyday life. But really, it just comes down to still having what you enjoy, but perhaps a more natural and non-processed version of it- just like you mentioned here with the juice
    I’m really looking forward to more of these swapping tips! Keep them coming!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kawsar91 says:

      Thanks so much for your input ! Glad you support this initiative love 😊


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