Elaverta Excitement

Asalamalaikum ladies,

Hope you are all in good health and faith 🙂

For those of you who have been following my fb page, you will know of my obsesssion with this amazing skincare line Elaverta. Trust me when I say its not your regular skincare line, this one actually delivers what it promises, and at a fraction of the price!

Ive been lucky enough to try these products myself, and let me just say there is such a range of products and they are all amazing! There is just way too much to share in one post.

The first Ill start off with in this post is the most popular of their products which is the Dragon’s Blood Gel or as I like to call it the Queen of all repair creams.

So what does it do?

  • Fights the early signs of ageing
  • Immediately tones the skin
  • Immediately soothes and tightens the skin by forming a protective skin like barrier over your skin that keeps it hydrated for hours.
  • Repairs dull, tired and stressed complexions.

That’s not all , unlike most repair gels it also

  • Promotes skin renewal and natural healing , while reducing scarring, dark lines and ingrown hairs after shaving, waxing or laser……..ladies hair removal is such a pain and this is the best thing you can get from a gel….just saying…….
  • Promotes skin renewal after skin peeling, exfoliation or microdermabrasion

If you’re still not convinced about how amazing this product is then i should add that it is an Australian owned product, FDA approved, is paraben free and is not tested on sweet innocent animals.

 How do you use it ?

For daily moisturising and skin repair use just apply a thin layer on your dry skin twice a day. You can also apply after hair removal, or sun exposure , then reappply again when needed.

I need one now ! Where do I find it ???

 You can order it from their website Elaverta Dragon’s Blood Gel or you can leave a comment and Ill let you know if you can purchase it from your local pharmacy. Also don’t forget to check out the Elaverta fb page

Until next time ladies,

Keep your skin hydrated and rejuvenated


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  1. Great article, thanks for sharing such a great experience if Elaverta with us.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for giving us info on this product. It sounds amazing!


    1. kawsar91 says:

      Your welcome, it really is 😊


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