My transition to a more modest style

Asalamalaikum Ladies,

Hope you are all in good health and Iman.

So unlike my previous posts, this one is a bit more personal. After reading this amazing article by Style Tattle  I was inspired to share my own style journey a little differently.

This posts is in no way judging how Muslim women dress in general, but focusing on my personal experience in dressing in a way that brought me spiritually closer to my lord.

Like many girls who wear the hijab I began my style journey with jeans and oversized shirts…..there were literally no stylish long shirts available a few years ago. That was my general “go to” outfit.

Then the transition to maxi skirts and long dresses began. It was initially influenced by two very special friends who had already made the transition to loose clothing. Mix that with the blessed month of Ramadan and the emerging gypsie skirt trend, and subhanallah I found the transition almost too easy. There is no greater feeling than easily finding islamically appropriate clothing.

Subhananallah from that special Ramadan and long after, I only wore loose skirts and dresses. Its hard for me to describe how it felt, to many people its just clothes. But to me it was so much more than that. It was making that conscious decision to give something up that I was so accustomed to, purely for the sake of pleasing Allah (SWT) and getting closer to him in worship.

Indeed we are told:


That one decision became a catalyst for change in my whole character. Although there is still room for so much improvement, it influenced my attitude towards my hijab. It was no longer enough to just wear my hijab on my head, I wore it on my body too……….and slowly with guidance from Allah (SWT) I wore it in my heart.

Maybe you have had a similar experience. Have you recently put on the head scarf, transitioned to full jilbab or even niqab? What influenced your transition and how did it make you feel? Comment below.

Until next time

lets all work to get closer to Allah (SWT) insha’Allah


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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Aya's Cave says:

    Thank you for sharing this.
    Some would think that it’s odd to see Muslims wear head scarfs and cover their body in my country but knowing that it meant this way to them. I can now see that some people in my country are idiots.
    Your tradition is beautiful, sacrificing so much just to please God is not just a way to be in God’s favor (like most of my people do). it’s a way to put God in our heats. I believe in a different God but I give all my respect to you and people like you because I know is the importance is that we can sacrifice and devote our hearts to him, not just show everybody that we’re in God’s favor.


    1. kawsar91 says:

      Your welcome aya. I’m so glad you relate well to the concept of pleasing God. There truly is nothing as strong as that individual connection one can have with the almighty and we all experience that in different ways.

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